What we do?

We are committed to software craftsmanship and high quality standards.
Providing custom applications development, data infrastructure software and data science consulting.


Custom applications

We are constructing custom tailored software solutions from the very well crafted back-end in either Java/Grails or PHP/Perl, to very practical front-end. We are making web, desktop and mobile applications from scratch, assisting you from the day one of project. We are helping you review, maintain and reorganize existing solutions. Our services go far beyond the code development. We provide deployment, maintenance and user experience design services. Our applications are developed with care. We know the "little-big details" are making the difference and decide if application is just working fine or have a great, positive impact on your business. We are looking for challenges, building large and small, scalable enterprise solutions based on well evaluated cutting edge technologies.

Incredible idea? Let us make it happen.

The toolbox

Technologies and solutions we specialize in and simply love working with.

Technology cloud: Java, Grails, Perl, PHP, UI/UX, Mobile, Design and more.


  • Java / J2EE
  • Groovy / Grails
  • Perl / PHP / Python
  • Scala / AKKA
  • Spring
  • MySQL / PostgreSQL


  • Javascript
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • SWT
  • Swing
  • AngularJS

Big data

  • Mallet / Veka
  • R Project
  • Nutch / Heritrix
  • Kinesis
  • NLP
  • Cloud Service


  • PhoneGap
  • jQuery
  • Dojo
  • node.js
  • JOOQ
  • XML / REST

Our technology choice.

We have our favourite technologies and techniques but we are always looking for the best tool that fits the job.

Big data - bring it on!

How we deliver?

Our cooperation and delivery workflow usually consist of 3 major steps:

First touch

Let us understand your needs and your business.

Discuss requirements and check if we are right fit. Sign NDA if needed. Quick research, initial budget and agreement.


We insist to prepare our road and way of cooperation.

Budget and estimations with right schedule, maybe quick prototype? Research, good communication and we are ready to go.


We are developing our application using iterative AGILE approach.

The first working version of the system part is delivered within just a few weeks so final solution meet the real needs.

Want to know more about OpenTangerine?

Read more about our company culture. See what we believe in.

Why are we different?

We do believe in people and honesty. If you are looking for reliable help with we are here to help you. If there is something beyond our capabilities we will let you know. You will be clearly informed about the progress, problems and issues that might influence the project. We are passionate, creative and open minded. We are always trying to understand your business and needs. If you just need advice or want to talk about software development in Java or design just drop us a line. Other topics are welcomed but software development is something we are doing really well.

We do believe in small focused teams. People who know what to do from the day one to deployment and beyond. Small team of well organized individuals ensures highest work culture and highest industrial standards.

What we offer?


We know, it's all over the place but we really believe in that. We're hard working to provide you the best approach adjusted to your needs.

Cloud computing

Base on our experience we can help you with refactoring your software solution and utilize full power of modern cloud services. We can help you with Java, Grails, Spring, Perl and more.

Project management

If you are looking for project leader and project management - contact us to get more details.


If you are looking for an advice about software architecture or strong guidelines how your idea should evolve and what technologies should use - let us know. We do love not only Java related topics.

Intelligent Crawlers & Scrapers

We know how to automatically target and download right content from the web. We're using self learning algorithms to track down and improve content gathering process.

Hosting & Maintenance

We can help you to choose the best hosting provider and configuration that would fit your requirements.


We are not outsourcing company. If you have an software idea, looking for long term cooperation with people you can trust - we are here for you. We can support you with our knowledge & skills to build your dream.

We would love to hear more about your business and your project.

We will contact you within maximum two days to schedule a phone or Skype call.

We need a valid email address to contact you.

Attach message.

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