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Here at Open Tangerine, we specialize in creating the highest quality of enterprise software products and services for our clients. We pay close attention to detail in everything we create and maintain a highly functioning business while working remotely. We are able to help clients all over the world at once. Our client testimonials speak for themselves, as every client we have leaves happy and impressed with the services they received.

Software development is a field that is constantly changing due to the advances in technology that arise frequently. Forbes states that there will be a revolution in software development because of the advances in artificial intelligence and programming and data science will soon converge. We are proud to be on top of all of the industry trends, and we have been recognized as an industry thought leader.

We were featured on Clutch.co, a reviews site for B2B companies that conducts phone interviews with past clients and publishes them to company profiles. Along with phone interviews, Clutch analysts conduct market research on the companies and “score” the companies to then rank them in their specific industry. Clutch is a valuable resource for companies looking to hire or buy services for their next project, which is why we are so excited to announce that we are listed as one of their top software developers in Poland!

Some of our favourite review highlights from our Clutch profile are listed below:

"The project I conducted with Open Tangerine Software House was a resounding success."

"They are the exclusive software development shop I use."

"We developed this website for a business launch and have received positive feedback."

"Many things are very impressive about this company, including professionalism and pure software skills. They offer widespread availability across nine different time zones."

In addition to our feature on Clutch, we are also listed on Clutch’s sister site as one of the leading software development companies in Poland. The Manifest is a resource for company lists and how-to guides that help guide buyers through their decision process and achieve their business goals. Thank you to all of our clients for their contributions and comments and we look forward to hearing more from you as we grow and prosper with Clutch!

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