We are not newbies. We have all worked for big commercial Java and Grails projects - but we have founded Open Tangerine to create great place for programmers - believing that great work conditions will result in great work quality.


Quality in every byte

Attention to detail, leaving nothing to chance - This is the shortest definition of our spirit. We believe we can deliver highest quality enterprise software products and services following this simple rule. We know every process can be verified, controlled and monitored, but true quality is produced naturally by right people.

Company culture

We breath with the spirit of software craftsmanship

What software craftsmanship means for us?

We are continuously trying to go beyond customer expectations. We taking care not only for elements that are visible but also of elements that cannot be seen. We are steadily adding value not only to crafted enterprise software but also to all used processes, adapting them for your needs. We encourage everybody to put great attention to details. Small things grow quickly. Our experience proves that it's easier to fix critical issue rather than dozens of minor overlooks.

What software craftsmanship means for our customers?

We craft software using best market standards adopting highest value to your requirements. You are busy and don't have time to manage every aspect of software development. We know that, interaction with you is extremely important but we also know how to limit this need, make demands of your time short, effective and productive.

We are working remotely.

What remote work means for us?

We believe that office is state of mind. To sustain creativity we should not be limited by walls of buildings. The most exciting benefit of remote work is unlimited range of services that we provide. It doesn't matter if you are in London office, Los Angeles car traffic or Tokyo city center. We get used to multicultural and international projects. We understand how to cope with multiple time zones and flexible schedules. To maintain work and life balance for us, our customers and our employees, we continuously developing highly adaptive and organic processes that are evolving based on real life demands.

What remote work means for our customers?

Our remote working culture demands exchanging information in non-verbal way on daily basis. There is no internal noise that is distracting people from delivering high quality elements of your system. We are using the best tools of exchanging information where nothing can be lost. We can also easily adapt to existing information infrastructures for you.


We are protecting your business, wisely.

We know that security is different for each project. It is not a task that can be done once. It is a part of development process that should be adjusted based on real business needs. You do not want to confirm every email send with SMS confirmation code, right? However, apart from project specific NDA documents, all team members are obligated to sign off and restrict few simple security rules of thumb.


We our customers. It inspires us when they tell us they value our work.
To us, they are unique, individuals and organizations who make the world more interesting place.

    Alan Rhode, COO / Co-founder, eJero Ltd.

    Alan Rhode

    COO / Co-founder

    eJero Ltd.

    Expertise in Grails and Java development.

    "Open Tangerine is a fresh, driven company offering flexibility in service supply and a great value for price. They hold a particular expertise in Grails and Java development"

    Alexander Demmler, CEO, Lacuna Solutions

    Alexander Demmler


    Lacuna Solutions

    loyalty, fairness and real partnership

    "We are working since a few years with the people from Open Tangerine. We like their expertise, know-how and quality of service they provide to us. The cooperation is carried by loyalty, fairness and real partnership - attitudes which are already rare in our days. Therefore we can only recommend Open Tangerine and their services."

    Felix, CTO, Umbrella Web Software Ltd.



    Umbrella Web Software Ltd.

    well-prepared professionals

    "We are working together on a long-term JAVA/Spring project and experience well-structured and well-prepared professionals that can also cope with non-usual and stressful situations. They proved getting quickly up to speed in a new and complex environment and managed stabilizing and extending a legacy-system using test-driven-development. Also, these people have great humor and are a pleasure to work with!"

    Yves Bergquist , CEO / Co-founder, Raiden Partners / Novamente LLC

    Yves Bergquist

    CEO / Co-founder

    Raiden Partners / Novamente LLC

    Ingenious and professional engineers.

    "So I’m in a bit of bind here. On the one hand, OpenTangerine is one of the finest group of developers I have had the pleasure of working with. On the other, they are so good I kind of want to keep them for myself and not share them with you. So I won’t tell you that Open Tangerine and it's team are among the most ingenious and professional engineers I have worked with. That nothing seems beyond their reach, including complex back-end architectures and advanced machine learning techniques. That they are the best kept secret in European tech. Move along, there’s nothing to see, goodbye."

    Jan Beránek, CEO, User Technologies

    Jan Beránek


    User Technologies

    result was always great

    "We have been working with Open Tangerine on multiple HTML coding projects in which the team has proven very flexible. We went through numerous iterations and the result was always great. I particularly value the relationship, which is based on trust and camaraderie."

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